The Belgian national fashion federation Creamoda has decided to become Drawy’s official partner. The federation, who represents and provides sectorial advice to the Belgian fashion brands and clothing manufacturers, saw the potential of Drawy’s online platform and its mission to allow people a fair and affordable fight against the copycats that infect the industry.

Usually, big companies who are accused of copying by independent designers have a good laugh when you have a poke at them. They’ll wave away your claims, saying “oh, isn’t that just the most curious coincidence, both designs looking so similar?”. They know you don’t have the funds or the patience to out-prosecute them. But that was before Drawy. Now you have a piece of paper in your hands that will make them have a really annoying afternoon, at the very least.

If you’ve been surfing around these pages, you might have noticed we’re really big on this thing called timestamps. In fact, the whole beauty of the Drawy system relies on this very piece of evidence. Beauty, yes! I know I tend to get a tad too lyrical, but let me tell you why timestamps are highly deserving of your love.

I’ve met a whole lot of designers over the years, and while your tastes may differ greatly, you all agree on this one thing: it’s no use fighting the big sharks once they’ve decided to poach your design. Well, you’re wrong. Being copied as a designer has become more common than ever, but how do you prevent a company from stealing your designs?

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