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Copyright Manager

Avoid copyright issues with our automated legal solutions



Store and manage your prints and administration in a powerful interface


Advanced Webshop

Use our extra features to boost communication, creativity and sales

The professional way to manage textile prints!

The first all-in-one platform

100 % privacy for 100% creativity

Drawy is a secure webplatform where all members are clearly identified and all actions registered. In this restricted environment, creativity and privacy are protected to gather the best designers and buyers of the world. 

The Print garage

Store, manage and centralize your prints and legal administration in your own online library. Create folders, add descriptions and tags to your prints so you can quickly browse through your Library and find the right print, wherever you are. 

More than just a Marketplace

To boost creativity and sales, Drawy offers a wide range of features that stimulates exchanges and interaction between buyers and sellers. Whether you are looking for new prints or are looking to expand your customer base, Drawy offers a unique access to Designers and companies from all over the world. 

Full copyright management and support

Legal protection in less than 1 minute

Since the 1st of July 2016 the EU has accepted electronic time stamping as proof in legal proceedings. It’s by far the quickest and cheapest way to establish evidence of the existence of a print at a date.

You buy = You own

All prints sold on the Drawy platform have been offcially timestamped and include 100% of the author rights: you buy = you own

Completely automated procedure

From providing designers with the documents to prove their prints have been protected to providing both seller and buyer with all the necessary documents after a sale: The Drawy platform takes care of all administration and legal issues for you! All documentation is send automatically and can be found in our cloud tool. 

Legal support in case of copyright infringement

We provide legal support in case of intellectual property right infringement on our platform. Every time you buy a print you will receive all the necessary legal documents to prove your intellectual property rights in that print. We also keep a track record of everyone who looked at your prints.  In case of infringement we will provide you with the relevant extracts from our access logs.


Lowest transaction fee on the Market! 

MEMBERSHIP: Users pay a monthly membership fee starting at just €15 per month                                                     
ONLINE STORAGE: Depending on the membership plan, Drawy users are entitled to up too 50 GB of free cloud storage
DIGITAL TIMESTAMPING: All Drawy users receive a certain number of free timestamps per year. Additional timestamps can be purchased starting from just 5€ per timestamp.
SELLING PRINTS: Drawy offers the lowest transaction fee on the market! (10% commission)

  • The Print Garage

  • Copyright Management

  • Secure marketplace

  • Legal support

  • Sharing with non-members (Pro)

The Print Garage

The perfect tool to store and manage your prints in a convenient online library. Organize your collection using folders and informative tags, so you can find your designs quickly and easily.

  • Assign multiple tags per print
  • Structured according to style categories
  • Handy search function
  • Scalable storage

Read more about the print Garage

Copyright Management

Drawy lets you time stamp your prints yourself, whenever and wherever you like. Time stamping your prints takes less than a minute. You’ll not only save time, but also avoid unnecessary and expensive (notary) costs. After time stamping your prints, you’ll receive the Time stamp PDF in your inbox immediately.

  • Registration by a recognized European Time Stamp Authority.
  • Register individual files or entire folders
  • Unlimited number of timestamps

Read more about timestamps

Secure marketplace

In our online marketplace, you’ll sell and buy prints directly to and from professionals in the textile industry. The marketplace is open to registered, paid members only. You decide which of your prints you want to share and which to keep private. All prints in the marketplace are registered and include 100% of the author rights: you buy = you own

  • Chat directly with other buyers and sellers
  • Clear and convenient dashboard
  • No complicated license agreements: you buy = you own
  • Secure payment
  • Automated invoicing and legal adminstration

Read more about the marketplace

Legal support

We provide legal support in case of intellectual property right infringement on our platform. We also keep a track record of everyone who looked at your prints.  In case of infringement we will provide you with the relevant extracts from our access logs. Our gold and Ultimate users can access the viewing history for their prints, allowing them to see which users have viewed their designs and when.

  • All registrations and sales are documented
  • Find out which users have viewed your prints
  • We provide you with the relevant extracts from our access logs

Read more about legal support

Sharing with non-members (Pro)

The marketplace is open to Drawy members only, but you can choose to share some or all of your prints with non-members. Invite guests to view your designs and provide them with temporary access to selected files or folders.

  • Send invitations by email
  • Change viewing rights at any time
  • Easily keep track of permissions and viewing rights

Read more about sharing your prints with non-members

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