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The professional way to manage textile prints!

“Drawy is a life-saver. Ever since my work got copied, I had been spending so much time and money on registering my designs. Now my design is protected just moments after I’ve added the finishing touch. It’s all mine!”

— India

“Frankly, I’m a little messy. Paperwork is always the last thing on my to do list. Thanks to Drawy though, I’m always on top of things. With all my patterns and copyright documents neatly organised in one place, I can concentrate on what I love most: designing.”

— Sam

“It’s a relief knowing my work is protected at all times. And dirt cheap, too!”

— Christine

  • The Print Garage

  • Copyright Management

  • Secure marketplace

  • Legal support

  • Sharing with non-members (Pro)

The Print Garage

The perfect tool to store and manage your prints in a convenient online library. Organize your collection using folders and informative tags, so you can find your designs quickly and easily.

  • Assign multiple tags per print
  • Structured according to style categories
  • Handy search function
  • Scalable storage

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Copyright Management

Drawy lets you time stamp your prints yourself, whenever and wherever you like. Time stamping your prints takes less than a minute. You’ll not only save time, but also avoid unnecessary and expensive (notary) costs. After time stamping your prints, you’ll receive the Time stamp PDF in your inbox immediately.

  • Registration by a recognized European Time Stamp Authority.
  • Register individual files or entire folders
  • Unlimited number of timestamps

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Secure marketplace

In our online marketplace, you’ll sell and buy prints directly to and from professionals in the textile industry. The marketplace is open to registered, paid members only. You decide which of your prints you want to share and which to keep private. All prints in the marketplace are registered and include 100% of the author rights: you buy = you own

  • Chat directly with other buyers and sellers
  • Clear and convenient dashboard
  • No complicated license agreements: you buy = you own
  • Secure payment
  • Automated invoicing and legal adminstration

Discover the Secured Marketplace 

Legal support

We provide legal support in case of intellectual property right infringement on our platform. We also keep a track record of everyone who looked at your prints.  In case of infringement we will provide you with the relevant extracts from our access logs. Our gold and Ultimate users can access the viewing history for their prints, allowing them to see which users have viewed their designs and when.

  • All registrations and sales are documented
  • Find out which users have viewed your prints
  • We provide you with the relevant extracts from our access logs

Read more about legal support

Sharing with non-members (Pro)

The marketplace is open to Drawy members only, but you can choose to share some or all of your prints with non-members. Invite guests to view your designs and provide them with temporary access to selected files or folders.

  • Send invitations by email
  • Change viewing rights at any time
  • Easily keep track of permissions and viewing rights

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