The Drawy platform was developed by a team of textile professionals in collaboration with software developers and intellectual property right lawyers.  

The platform was developed to solve multiple issues when it comes to dealing with textile prints:

  • How to avoid copyright issues when dealing with textile prints?
  • How can companies use the internet to find the best designers and prints?
  • How can designers use the internet in a secure way to sell their creations?
  • How to avoid those complicated license agreements?

Our solution?

The Drawy platform provides designers and companies in the textile and clothing industry with the tools to easily manage, protect, share and trade textile prints online.

  • An online platform where designers can easily protect, manage and sell their creations without having to think about high costs or the possibility of being copied.
  • An online platform which makes it possible for buyers to have access to designers from all over the world and buy prints without having to deal with complicated license agreements.

Our mission?

To create an online community of designers and companies in the textile and clothing industry:

  • That share the same ethics and values
  • That want to protect uniqueness of creativity
  • That want to be able to compete in a safer environment

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